What To Bring

The Top Twenty Items Forgotten by Convention Attendees Checklist

  1. Personal Towel (We know the hotel provides them, but if you're sharing a room with several people, this guarantees you your very own towel. Also, if you plan on using a lot of makeup for a costume or dying your hair *and* use hotel towels, you will be charged a hefty fee for damaging hotel property. Please bring your own towels if you plan to do this.) You may also dip the ends in liquid vitamins and suck on the corners when needed.
    • A pretty cool tip involving this is bringing a small clothespin with your name on it to attach to your towel so people can differentiate between yours and theirs. In fact, bring a couple, so you can share with people.
  2. Shampoo and Conditioner (Again, the hotel provides these, but the bottles are quite small. Bringing your own ensures you will have some, especially if you use a lot of shampoo or have long hair.)
  3. Toothbrush and Toothpaste (You'd be amazed at what going three days without brushing tastes like. Gross.)
  4. Antiperspirant (Sure, Deodorant makes you smell good, ANTIPERSPIRANT assists in the sweating department. You'll want the latter or a combo. If you don't bring and use this, don't be surprised when people start edging away from you in packed rooms and theaters. Don't forget the strange looks and cringed noses you'll begin to see.)
  5. Razor and Shaving Cream/Gel
  6. Comb and/or Hairbrush (some people do use both. You'd be surprised.)
  7. One shirt for each day of the convention, plus an extra. (3 days = 4 shirts)
  8. Pants (Same number as shirts.)
  9. Underwear (3 sets, plus an extra.)
  10. Socks (One pair per day plus an extra pair.)
  11. Swimsuit (You never know.)
  12. Jacket or warm sweater
  13. Shoes (If you plan on spending a lot of time dancing or on your feet, make sure you have comfortable shoes with you. Your feet will hurt if you don't have comfy shoes to at least change into.)
  14. Any prescribed medication (Make sure to tell your traveling companions/roommates about any medical needs you may have.)
  15. Tylenol/Aspirin/etc
  16. Photo ID / Driver's License / Checkbook / Car keys
  17. A phone card (Not only is this cheaper than having calls charged to your hotel room, but having several people using one phone can lead to billing confusion with long distance calls. Bring a phone card so you can let your parents/significant other know you made it to the con safely.)
  18. An extra pillow and blanket if several people are staying in your room.
  19. Some non-perishable food from a supermarket (Like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, chips, pretzels and bottled water or juice. While there are a lot of restaurants close by, this is an easy way to save money. In addition, you'll be able to have your midnight snack without leaving your room.)
  20. Your best public manners. (You'd be surprised how many people forget to bring these along.) [1]
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