Area Guide

Seattle's a great place to be, you could have a great time there even if you weren't there during the world's best gaming festival. This guide to making the most out of your stay is broken up into these sections:

Even though the way to get around is on foot, you should always travel in a group, especially at night. There are vagrants, and drug deals are known to go down in the public bathroom stalls

Transportation You don't need a car. You can walk to everything, but if you want to be adventurous, here's info on Seattle's public transportation system.
Food What will you be able to eat? With this info good stuff.
Hotels How much are hotels? Where are they?
Parking If you must drive you need to pay for a place to park. Here's where they are and how much.
Entertainment PAX isn't enough for you? This sections on the backburner, but if someone else wants to make content, go for it.

Online resources It's an ugly not quite complete map, but it's really damn useful. Businesses are tagged by location, so you can search for sushi open at midnight downtown for instance.


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