Button Exchange

The Concept

Shirts are a bad way of doing things because it either requires you to wear the same shirt for the whole weekend or have multiples of the same shirt. I think the best way to do identification is with buttons. They're easily reusable, durable and you can do an avatar/handle combo for easier recognition (providing you're like me and use the same, or similar avatars all the time). -Moe Fwacky

Alright, here's the idea guys. We need a form of identification for forumers at PAX. As Moe has suggested, custom made buttons with our name/avatar or whatever would be a great option, but to extend this idea and make it more Penny Arcade-ish I suggest that each get a bunch of buttons and trade one for one when we meet each other. Thus making it a game of "gotta catch them all".

Button Making Options


Cafepress - Expensive

Zazzle - Expensive as well, but makes it very easy to make a button on site with no PS skills.

  • Custom 1.25" button 20-pack: $22.40
  • Custom 2.25" button 20-pack: $24.00
  • Custom 3" button 20-pack: $32.40
  • Custom 4" button 20-pack: $49.00
  • Custom 6" button 20-pack: $98.80 - WTF?

PureButtons - Pure Win!

When purchasing, use coupon code "Winter0708" for 15% off!




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