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The Pre PAX Shorty's Drunkard Extravaganza first began on August 23, 2007 and was the adopted brain step-child of long time resident and local celebrity drunkard, Senor Misterioso.

Conflicted whether or not the cartoons were real, he concluded that even if these Dave and Tyson guys from Penny Arcade were not ghosts, they would likely be spending their Thursday night stuffing bean bag chairs or stealing Magic the Gathering booster packs from unguarded PAX swag bags and have no time for drunken politicking the day before the big event. It was at that moment that he decided to usurp the title of Unchampioned Pre-PAX Ambassador to Seattle.

The venue for the groundbreaking event needed to be carefully selected at random and Shorty's was chosen since he really liked the place and was still drinking there when he thought of it. He quickly ordered a celebratory shot of Jäger with a cheese dribble chaser, happily knowing now that he could cross the venue selection part off his list as soon as he made the list. He then made a mental note to bump up the priority of creating the list from #9 to #7 on the list. (See attached list.)

The post for the event was made on the PAX forums the next day, and as they say, the rest is pure historian-porn.

Over TWELVE (12) people showed up to the Extravaganza. Among those in the frenzied mob was the famous and controversial ZacMatic, Royal Steve (the Omeganaut), KaitouAyashi, a squirrel, and some other people that play video games way too much.

The gathering was a smashing success; The Jägermeister machine went kaput due to overstimulation, and someone was caught humping the coin return of The Addams Family pinball machine. Grainy surveillance tape evidence points to ZacMatic in a squirrel costume, but no arrests were made.

Waking up in a pool of sweat, pain, and a terrible ache in his whackadoodle (later during his morning constitutional, he pissed out a quarter), Misterioso vowed to avenge his hangover with another one of orangutan proportions in 2008.


Even better than the previous year, I think we had about 50 gamers make appearances throughout the night.

Attendees were: (this is how I remember you so edit your name if you want - and if I forgot you, shutup and add yourself!) Zacmatic, KaitouAyashi and husband, Royal Steve ('07 Omeganaut) and Jason, Denis Dyak (my alter ego, it's actually Russell) and his NY friend whos name I keep forgetting, The Chicago Menace (Shannon, Chris, Liz, and Freedom), Ash the Aussie, Mordored, eurotransient, Josie Cheesey, a shitload of Canadians one of which bought me a shot, the Coloradorians, Mustard Tiger and gang, and finally the Kongregate Krew that bought us a round of shots. WHOOHOO!

We had our first issue of collectible commemorative buttons.

Trivia - Josie was the first person to ask for the free cheese dribble.


If you weren't there, you missed it. Better luck next year.

treasure map


Fuck yeah, we'll do it again!

Now go there on your NES

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