BYOC Lan Party

The BYOC at PAX is a room with tables and internet connected network set up so you can bring your own computer, hang out, and play games with a bunch of other cool people, or just check your E-mail and take a break from the crazyness of the expo. There will be tournaments, mini competitions, and activities exclusive to the BYOC. It costs to attend, last year it was an additional $25 a person.


Where do I signup for BYOC Lan?

BYOC Signups will go up around June-ish.

I'm flying, should I check my computer?

You can, but there is a somewhat decent chance of damage to your equipment. Another option is to ship the computer UPS or Fedex to yourself and pick it up when you arrive in Washington.

What time do you recommend (or require) people show up for BYOC check-in?

Checkin will start at least 2 hours before PAX opening. I aim to have it all complete an hour before PAX opens, to give people an hour to get their stuff hooked up and ready. You're going to have to carry your computer equipment. Plan for this. You can purchase a small fold up dolly to make things easier on yourself if you have heavy equipment, pack your stuff in a suitcase, or geargrip makes a line of helpful products at

What hours does the BYOC run each day?

Same hours as PAX. The room will have to be cleared at PAX closing. About 30min before closing there will be an in-room announcement to start wrapping up your games or whatever for the night before everyone gets kicked out at closing.

Do I leave my stuff in the Lan the whole time?

Yes. The room is guarded all during PAX and locked up at night. We are the first ones in and the Last ones out. If you must take your stuff up (like a laptop) you need to Check it out at the security desk as you leave and check it back in when you return. It's still a good idea to bring a laptop lock to secure your laptop, and not to leave stuff that's easy to swipe laying around. Most PAX attendees are cool and security will be watching, but shit happens.

What games are typically played?

Whatever is popular this year. CS:S, TF2, Quakewars, COD4, SupCom, Warcraft3, WoW, Starcraft, etc. If you want to play a game you can find others that are up for it as well. [1]


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