Console Freeplay

Console freeplay was an entire level of the convention center last year. There are several rooms with TVs set up, and a desk you check games out from. It's a great way to check out a game you're interested in but have never played.

Last year there didn't seem to be too much spontanious hanging out in the main freeplay area (hopefully the way checkouts are done will be tweaked to promote people playing games together this year), but that wasn't the case in the classic console room. It had stuff like Ataris and Nintendos, and its own checkout desk. Last year turned into an epic quest to beat the crappy Nintendo game Kickle's Cubicle, and was a great time. There were a bunch of random people who didn't know each other beforehand hanging out trying to beat this crappy game no one had heard of. There was chearing and applause. Ten year olds were talking shit. Spontanious good times like this are what PAX is all about.


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