Good food is not hard to find in downtown Seattle. Pike Place Market, Pacific Place Mall, and Westlake Center listed below all are close and between them give you something like 80 places to eat at ranging from PF Changs and Johnny Rockets to great seafood to Italian, Mexican, and Japanese places. Pike Place Market has the original Starbucks. There are a ton of other great places scattered throughout downtown as well, and there's a free bus to the international district if you want some authentic dim sum. The only thing you won't find are fast food places like Taco Bell, there are 2 McDonalds but no other comparable chains in walking distance.

Pull up a Google map of downtown, click my maps, then places of interest, then click other under dining and you'll begin to get an idea of all the places that aren't mentioned here.

Places to eat

Useful sites

  • Lost in Seattle Not really a review site, great for answering questions like "What Chinese place is open at midnight?"


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