You'll probably need a place to stay while you're in Seattle. The cheapest place to stay is the Green Tortoise Hostel, but you don't get your own room. If you want your own hotel room but need roomies to be able to afford it check out the room share forum thread. The three hotels right next to the conference center with discounted prices listed on the expo website are clearly the most convenient, clearly. For instructions on how to get the PAX discount, visit the PAX hotels page.

Map of major hotels downtown


  • Yellow Pin: The entrance of the convention center under the arches; the one you'll be walking to
  • Yellow houses: Hotels with official prices for the convention listed on the PAX website
  • Red Beds: Other hotels in the area

All hotels on the map are clickable and include website links

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List of major hotels downtown

(Room share forum thread)

Hotels with PAX rates

** The hotels for 2009 have not been announced yet, this is the list from 2008.

  • Sheraton SOLD OUT $169 a night, 840 rooms, three minute walk from the convention center
  • The Grand Hyatt SOLD OUT $169 single or double, $179 corner suite, 425 rooms, five minute walk from the convention center
  • The Roosevelt Hotel $165 a night, 151 rooms, three minute walk from the convention center
  • Crowne Plaza $149 a night, 415 rooms, six minute walk from the convention center
  • Red Lion on 5th Avenue SOLD OUT $159 a night, 297 rooms, 1/4 mile from the convention center
  • Homewood Suites by Hilton $185 single, $195 double, 193 rooms, 1/10 mile from the convention center
  • Paramount Hotel $160 a night, 146 rooms, 1/7 mile from the convention center
  • Hilton Seattle $169 a night, 234 rooms, 1/4 mile from the convention center


Hostels near the convention center

  • Green Tortoise Hostel SOLD OUT Shared dorm sleeping, $25 - $30 a night for singles, $40 for a shared double

Other hotels downtown with over 60 rooms

The Westin Seattle
Renaissance Seattle Hotel by Mariott
The Fairmont Olympic Hotel
W Seattle
Seattle Mariott Waterfront
The Edgewater
Hilton Seattle
Mariott Springhill Suites
Hampton Inn & Suites
Summerfield Suites by Wyndham
Hotel Monaco Seattle
Mayflower Park Hotel
Sixth Avenue Inn
Hotel Max (formerly the Vance Hotel)
Executive Pacific Plaza Hotel
The Paramount Hotel
Hotel Vintage Park
Ramada Inn Downtown
Hotel Andra
Washington Athletic Club
Alexis Hotel
Days Inn Town Center
Inn at Virginia Mason
Sorento Hotel
La Quinta Inn & Suites
Inn at the Market
# of rooms
Nightly Rate (checked 4/04)
NO VACANCY 30th & 31st
rate not published online
Distance on foot
1/3 mile
1/2 mile
1/3 mile
1/2 mile
3/4 mile
1 mile
1/4 mile
1/2 mile
1 1/3 mile
1/7 mile
1/2 mile
1/3 mile
over 1/3 mile
under 1/3 mile
1/2 mile
1/10 mile
2/5 mile
over 1/2 mile
under 1/2 mile
1/5 mile
3/4 mile
1/2 mile
under 1/2 mile
2/5 mile
1/2 mile
1/2 mile

Check in advice

First off, if your arrival time will be impacted in any serious way (like you're going to be hitting the hotel later than midnight), let the front desk know! The hotel will usually begin doing the night audit (closing out the day's books, determining occupancy rate, etc.) at about 1-2 AM. If you have not checked in or notified the facility of a late check-in, the auditor WILL charge you for the night and cancel the rest of your booking. If, on the other hand, you call ahead, the staff will be happy to make accommodations for your late arrival - be it delaying the audit or changing your booking (I would often times, for a guest with a VERY late check-in that called in, let them get to the room and charge half their rack rate for that night.)

Second, please understand that when the clerk tells you that they can't tell you what room number your buddies are in, it's because the clerk's bound by law not to disclose that information. However, they will be more than happy to ring the room for you. Also, if you ask this at the front desk, you'll probably get redirected to the courtesy phones. Don't take this personal. First, it's easier on the clerk to patch you through that way. Second, you're not clogging up the desk if you're at the white phone.

Third, please remember that depending on what time of day it is, there may limited staff on duty. Especially if it's late, there will be fewer staff on duty. So if you call for something, it may take a bit. Please respect this. Also realize that certain facilities may be closed at certain hours. Usually, access to the gym and pool will be limited late at night, much for the same reasons. It's a liability issue, there's nothing they can do about it, please don't get upset. [2]


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