Group plans for Transparent


Ben: I think I'll be in Arizona when the event rolls around. I'll ride to LA with Trevor and Rob from Phoenix and board the train there.

Mike & Alex: See you when you transfer to the Starlight.

If your friend in LA goes it will probably be possible for us to swing by and get him on the way to the station.


We have a single bed on Thursday night, then we have to transfer to a double for the rest of our stay. Alex bought points to pay for Thursday, this counts as him paying for 1/4 of our stay.


I'm bringing my small LCD television. Consoles and something to play media would be welcome in the hotel room (if we end up spending any time there this year), but I think we'll be pretty well set up on the train.


I did some research into Alex's get Timbits and yell at Canadians idea. Canada is two hours away in a car, I'd totally be down for a crazy late night Timbit run, but we don't have a car. We could have done this last year. The other option is the Victoria Clipper, but the boat only has one trip there in the morning and one back at night, so it would be an all day event and would cost $152 for the round trip. That's a little too steep for me, especially if we loose a whole day of PAX. Passports aren't required to enter or leave Canada until next year, so if we we're going to do it this year would be easier than next. I put in a request for a Canadian to pick us up some Timbits on his way to Seattle.



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