This is a list of companies that help make PAX happen, and a brief explanation of what they are.

The Behemoth
A small, independent game development studio. Known for the game Alien Hominid

Pirates of the Burning Sea
A Massively Multiplayer online game featuring buccaneers. It is created by Flying Lab Software.

Needs no introduction.

Electronic Arts
One of the biggest video game developers in the universe. Best known for these games.

A PC game developer. They are best known for Guild Wars and the City of Heroes games.

A game developer that is a piece of NCSoft. More Info.

A company that creates audio equipment. More Info

The Thirst Mutilator, known for having what plants crave. Inspired by the movie Idiocracy More Info

The game developer responsible for the Starcraft and Warcraft series. More Info

Upper Deck
A company that creates trading cards. More Info

Privateer Press
A studio that makes role playing games and mini wargames. More Info

Telltale Games
The developer best known for the new Sam and Max game series. More Info

Garage Games
A developer best known for creating the Torque game engine. More Info

(blurb). More Info

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