The big thing you need to know about downtown Seattle is that you don't need a car. It's a dense urban area and you can get to everything on foot or on a free bus.

The downtown bus tunnel was closed for retrofitting last year, but will be open again this year. Buses in the downtown area are free before 7pm.

How to get to places outside of downtown

How often do you get to Seattle? If you stay an extra day you can certainly find plenty to do. The Pre Pax Tourist group is an option if you plan on being in town before the event.

For routes that use the bus, Google Maps is able to give you directions in Seattle. Since routes change based on time and day it is best to get specific directions there

Seattle Center

What's there?

The Bumbershoot music and arts festival, the Space Needle, Pacific Science Center, the Experience Music Project and Science Fiction Museum.


Walk north to Pine Street, then walk west to Westlake Center. Take the monorail across the street to Seattle Center. The fair is $2 each way, takes 2 minutes to get you to Seattle Center, and it runs from 9am to 11pm. It normally runs every 10 minutes, but with Bumbershoot going on they'll likely add a second train and run it every five minutes the weekend of PAX.

International District

What's there?

Asians. And good Asian food. And the train station.


Walk to the transit station on Pine Street just north of the convention center. Take the bus to International District Station, which is the other end of the downtown transit tunnel. It's about an 8 minute bus ride. It's free on weekdays before 7pm or $1.50 otherwise.

Construction Issues
Be aware that after 7pm and on the weekend the busses are on the street and do not use the tunnel due to testing of the light rail system that will operate on this route in 2009. The busses are still running but you catch them on the street and do not use the transit stations.

The U District

What's there?

The University of Washington, The Ave, The Village, Washington Park Arboretum


An express bus from convention place will get you there in 9 minutes on a weekday and Saturday, but there are other options. It will take you about 20 minutes to get there on a non express bus.

Capitol Hill

What's there?



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