Canadian Supertrip


The Canadian SuperTrip is the northern cousin to the Cross-Country SuperTrip. Every year, thousands of nerds and our kin flock to the Puget Sound region, in attendance of the Penny Arcade Expo. After three years of unorganized swarms heading south across the border, it was decided to form this Canuck Caravan. Where the CCST takes one primary route, our smaller region more easily lets us work with a combination of routes.

Our eastern route essentially begins in Kamloops B.C., with everyone from eastern British Columbia and Alberta heading southward together. Those from Alberta and beyond are entirely welcome, so please contact me or post in this thread if you're from the east. From Kamloops, this route leads down the scenic Coquihalla Highway, taking a break in Abbotsford— the last Canadian stop on this leg of the journey before crossing the American border into Sumas. From Sumas, the group heads south through Bellingham, getting on the I-5 until the rendezvous point just south of the city.

The western routes begin in Victoria and Vancouver, respectively. Attendees from the Greater Vancouver area will meet up in the city, where they will head south through Richmond to White Rock and enter the United States through the Pacific Highway crossing at Blaine, WA. From Blaine, this group will head south on the I-5 until the rendezvous point just south of Bellingham.

Participating groups from Vancouver Island take the WA Ferries sailing from Sidney, BC to Anacortes, WA, where they head inland eastward to the meeting point in Burlington-Mt. Vernon, WA. This fully-merged convoy will head south to Seattle, for the glorious weekend in the Capitol City of Arcadia.

I hope you will join us on this quest. In the words of Moe_Fwacky: "Onward, forward and so forth!" [1]

How to get in on it

Planning is currently taking place on the Penny Arcade Expo Forums.


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