Cross Country Supertrip


The Cross-Country Supertrip is our pilgrimage to the Penny Arcade Expo from points east. Our primary route runs the northernmost portions of the U.S. However, we are open to having people from points south join up to the main caravan, which is why I have already scheduled routes coming from multiple points across the eastern United States and from Canada. For those of you who are unfamiliar, we have done this for two years previous and had a great time doing it. One high point about traveling in a caravan is safety in numbers. When it's four in the morning at a travel station in the middle of nowhere, it's good to know twenty or more people in the immediate area, although it does make for long lines at the food establishments in areas far from normal civilization (I'm looking at you, Glendive, Montana McDonalds). It's also a lot of fun to watch all the cars changing lanes late at night, it's like a giant road snake or something. So, I hope you'll join us. Onward, forward and so forth! [1]

How to get in on it

The official website of the trip is
Planning and discussion is currently taking place on the Penny Arcade Expo forums.


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